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Game Thread: Lakers (0-2) at Mavericks (2-0), GAME THREE

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Los Angeles Lakers

WHAT: Round Two, Game Three

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 8:30pm CT


THE STORY: This is a position many of us never thought we would be in... coming home for games three and four with a 2-0 lead... and essentially stolen home court advantage. That means that the AAC needs to be all kinds of rowdy, all kinds of proud, and hella loud. Ron Artest wont be playing tonight thanks to a kindly arm to Jose Barea's face. The Lakers have a reputation to protect, so don't expect them to roll over and expose their bellies. This game is absolutely vital... if the Mavs let up even a little, all this hoopla about shedding the soft moniker will have been for naught. I notice some of you have taken the liberty of checking out Silver Screen & Roll, and that's fine, as long as you refrain from trolling. They haven't bothered us one bit, so let's return the favor.

Now, more than ever, GO MABS!!!!!!