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Dallas Mavericks Sweep Away LA, 122-86

Before this series started, very few people gave the Dallas Mavericks a chance; they weren't supposed to make a series with the Lakers last more than 5 or 6 games. Today, the Mavericks swept the two-time defending NBA champs out of the playoffs in four games.


So, technically, those people were right.


The Mavericks won with blazing three point shooting, and a commitment to starting the game right, playing to their tempo throughout. Needless to say, if you look at the box score, their mission was accomplished. The Mavericks took control of the game and wouldn't let go of it for one second.


The only control that Los Angeles was able to obtain was through cheap shots near the end, when the game was over. Lamar Odom gave his best impersonation of a football player as he ran with intent into Dirk Nowitzki, but he didn't wrap up. Just another thing the Lakers failed at this afternoon. Shortly afterwards, Bynum threw an elbow to a mid-flight JJ Barea in a play that will possibly get him suspended for a game or two next season. Bynum was ejected after the "play."


Dallas will have home court advantage in the Western Conference Finals as they move on to face the winner of the Thunder/Grizzlies series.






Jason Terry was unconscious today. His dead-eye shooting performance was impressive as he finished with 32 points which included nine three-pointers.

Dallas' bench continued their dominance of the Lakers. They thoroughly outplayed Los Angeles.

One starter scored in double figures, Dirk with 17, and still the Mavericks demolished Los Angeles.

The Mavericks stepped on the Lakers throats today, and sent Phil Jackson home ringless in his last season. Good riddance to him. I hope they blow up that fucking team.


It's going to be around a week until the next Mavs game. What are we going to talk about? I vote something having to do with JJ Barea.