Mavs Moneyball Meet-up at the Championship Parade

Listen up, everyone. The Parade for Our Beloved Champions is this Thursday in Downtown Dallas. There are Maverick fans all over Texas, the U.S., and the World (like in Germany, Puerto Rico, France, and Serbia for instance) who have waited for this moment for a long time. But, there is a special group of Los MABS fans that are in a league of their own: Mavs Moneyballers.

Only we, the MMBers are aware of things like: J.J. still sucking despite his amazing performances this year, J.J. being Coach Rick's illegitimate son, J.J. sucking, Bobby-C being the key to our championship victory, and J.J. sucking, to name a few. So, it is only right that those of us who are able to attend should meet up on the day of our beloved Dallas Mavericks' first ever championship parade.

Now, I will need some help from the DFW locals here on Mavs Moneyball, as I am not from the DFW area. Bruce182, buckets, zkmavz, bbob, Maximillian, maybe one of you guys could get in on this since you're from the area. What would be a good place to meet up at? The whole parade route as well as the area around American Airlines Center is going to completely nuts and very, very, crowded... so a good meeting location is key.

So, there is still some planning to be done and a short time to do it, but I know we can put this together. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

EDIT: Due to recent developments, I myself will not be able to attend the parade. However, I have no regrets about not going as I will be at the hospital here in Tyler, TX to welcome the birth of my cousin's first child. HOWEVER, please let me know the time and place of the meeting so I can post it up here the the main post for everyone to see. I know that I'm not a well known member around here so my absence will not hinder this get-together, but I think we should set something up for the future, possibly Game 1 of the (hopefully) 2011-2012 season.


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