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The Friday Poll (Returns): Which Player's Finals Performance Was Most Surprising?

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First of all, sorry about the inconsistency with this feature. All the plans I had for it are still intact, but I've had some unexpected business, and also simply have just forgot. Hopefully this is the first of a couple solid months of Friday Polls (which still could use a name...I haven't even thought about it so far).

Today's poll question talks about the NBA Finals. Please say you're not surprised. I considered making it some lame "how far did you really expect the Mavericks to go in the Finals", but we all know the answer to that. Not far. This was a magical, if not quite a 7th or 8th seed Cinderella, run for the Mavs. Thankfully, the NBA "expert's" predictions don't decide whether the Lakers win or not, the games do.

So let's look at a few individual games from the Finals; more specifically, the individual performances from each player in them. The Mavericks got some surprising contributions here and there, for sure. Which was most surprising? If this doesn't make sense, jump down to the poll. It will.