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2011 NBA Draft Live Thread

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This is for those Mavs fans that want to post about which players the Mavs will/can draft as well as the rest of the NBA. The Mavs no longer owe any draft picks from here on out. In this draft, the Mavericks have both the 26th and 56th picks overall. There  is no definite indication if the Mavs will use the pick to 'stash' a player away in Europe to develop, get an American to sign, or trade the pick.


There has been one blockbuster trade as of before publication of this article: a three way trade involving the Milwaukee Bucks, Sacramento Kings, and Charlotte Bobcats. The Bucks will get  Stephen Jackson Shaun Livingston from Charlotte, as well as the Kings' Beno Udrih and the 19th pick from Charlotte in this years' draft. Charlotte will receive the No. 7 pick from Sacramento via the Bucks and forward Corey Maggette from Milwaukee. Sacramento will receive John Salmons and the No. 10 pick in this years' draft. If any other trade rumors that are serious come out, post them in the comment section.

The Mavs are looking at Euro prospects and PG's with their 26th pick. Players mentioned include Davis Bertans, Tyler Honeycutt, and Josh Selby. Vids of them:






While these three are primarily on the Mavericks' ,scope, there are other possibilities for the team to get. Let's see some wise decisions made today by the NBA World Championship Mavs today!