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The Funniest Basketball-Related Thing I've Ever Read. No Seriously.

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One benefit of blogging for SBNation is that I'm surrounded by a gaggle of people much more knowledgeable and talented than I am. And funnier. WAY funnier. So even though I "work" at a "job", I have ample time to peruse the musings of my fellow bloggers, and I came across this gem today. And I nearly spit out my Chipotle, which is unacceptable because I love my Chipotle.

Jon Bois is one of SBNation's editors (or edtiors, depending on which you prefer) and he generally produces high-quality, entertaining stuff. But this... this is just genius. It is a series of posts that make up a "guide" to Pick-Up Basketball. I know a lot of you guys play in leagues or just for fun, so I feel like you'll be able to get even more enjoyment out of these than I do, which is saying a lot.

While I can actually shoot a basketball and not look like a total and complete failure, I am, in no way, shape, or form, capable of playing the game of basketball. Mostly because I can't dribble and move up the court at the same time unless I go very very slowly. However, when I lived in New York, I spent hours and hours at 'The Cage' watching people play incredibly intense games of pick-up basketball. So I can, in fact, relate to these posts somewhat. But hey, don't take my word for it.

See for yourself! (Links after the jump)

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