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Congratulations To Boweman55 For Winning The MMB Blogger Contest!

But wait! There's more!

I don't know how many of you were watching the poll numbers this weekend, but this was a very close race, and I'm so pleased that we got such a positive response not only from our readers but from new folks coming in to support their friends as well.

I told you all at the beginning of this whole ordeal that, depending on the outcome, I might ask more than one person to join our ranks. Boweman55 ran away with the competition, winning by a margin of 37 votes, but Dick Sully and andytobo were neck in neck for second place. Based on the voting and the fact that three out of the five potential bloggers had significant votes, I'd like to give all three of the guys a chance to contribute as Authors for Mavs Moneyball.

We have the off-season to get to know each and every one of these dudes more intimately, so let's consider this a trial-run. As the winner, Boweman55 is guaranteed a spot when/if the season starts in the fall. Dick Sully and Andy Tobo will have to earn the right to stick around :) That means I want everyone writing and contributing, including diabym and I am Ironman, who should be commended for their effort this time around.

As a matter of fact, you should all know that you don't have to be an author for this site to get your thoughts on the front page. If you put a piece together and I think it's worthy, or other readers seem to be enjoying it, I'll shove it right to the top of the page! So please feel free to use this blog for what it is- a community of Dallas Mavericks Basketball lovers with forum in which to express ourselves.

So congratulations again to everyone, with a special emphasis on our winner, Boweman55.