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Pope Dirk Nowitzki VI  (Photo by Frank Rumpenhorst-Pool/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Pope Dirk Nowitzki VI (Photo by Frank Rumpenhorst-Pool/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Bongarts/Getty Images

My beloved MMB'ers! It is that most patriotic of American holidays, Independence Day, when we celebrate something that happened a long time ago by exploding colorful things and getting really drunk. I would like to take this opportunity to be thankful (I know it's not November...) that we are not an affiliated website and therefore can continue to post whatever we want throughout the lockout. FREEDOM!! Maybe we'll even get some wayward traffic from lost souls looking for updates about the WORLD CHAMPION DALLAS MAVERICKS! Who knows?

I hope that our domestic members have a safe and happy Fourth of July, and I hope all of our International members drink a beer or two in our honor. You know, for diplomacy's sake.

Starting next week I'm going to re-start that whole blogging contest thing I tried to start before the playoffs happened. I'll bring back the original post so you can see the entries of hopeful bloggers and we'll have the 'winners' of the preliminary round put something together for y'all to read. Sound good? GOOD!

Remember, if you're snooping around the interwebs and you find something Dallas-related and news-worthy, make a fanshot and I'll frontpage the good stuff. I miss you guys!