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Off-Topic To Pass The Time...

Hey kids. It's almost the end of summer (ugh, I know) and we still haven't made any progress on that pesky lockout, so I'm going to go ahead and start the off-topic posts so that we can entertain ourselves. Today's piece concerns what everybody is doing this summer.

I know, it's like coming back to elementary school. "What did you do this summer, Billy?" "Well, teacher, I sat around and picked my nose until the last possible minute when I finally decided to do my stupid math packet."

But you guys are probably doing more interesting things than picking your noses, right?


Personally, I've had a mostly uneventful summer. I'm working at a part-time job that I hate while putting off starting my dog training business because I'm lazy and afraid of failure.

"Hi, Lisa."

On a brighter note, my older sister got married this past weekend and it was a lovely affair complete with a musical performance by yours truly. Other than that, I've been sunbathing by both the pool and the ocean and going to see my good friends Ghost of Gloria every chance I get. South Florida is a rough place to live, I know.

So tell me, loves. What's new? What's good? Anyone finish a degree? Start a charity? Find out an ex was cheated on by some dude? Let's get to know each other... otherwise this will be the most boring lockout in the history of man.