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Ladies & Gentlemen... Your Starting Lineup!

If you could take ANY five NBA players and put them in the same starting lineup, who would they be? You can even use players who are now retired, or even no longer alive. This is your chance to put together the ultimate dream team, with nothing standing in your way.

For me, I think I'd have to go with Jason Kidd at the one, for reasons you all know so well. Two guard is tougher. I think I'd go with Dwyane Wade, because not only is he gorgeous, but he's lethal. I'd be willing to overlook his wheelchair tendencies to be able to stare at him on a daily basis. At small forward, I'd put my favorite, Shane Battier. He's such a consistent role player and a good defender, not to mention a Dukie. And I have his autograph. The four is a no-brainer. Dirk Nowitzki. I have a feeling he'll be on every roster... and finally and center, I think I'd go with Wilt Chamberlain because he's Wilt. And I probably would have slept with him, since EVERY OTHER WOMAN did.

So who would you put in your starting five?