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POLL: Caron Butler, Yes or No? Or Maybe?

I like Caron Butler. I used to not like Caron Butler so much. Then when he was gone, I appreciated what Caron Butler was. That's my history with Caron Butler. (Oh, and he used to drink Mountain Dew and chew straws. Key words: used too. DAMN YOU, STERN!)

The Dallas Mavericks also won a championship this season without him. You might have heard about that. Or not, it's cool. You might be some bewildered Cowboys fan who thought he was reading whether Dallas should keep linebacker Kevin Butler. You can stick around and vote too -- promise.

Also, for the purposes of this poll, assume the Mavericks are signing Butler after already retaining Tyson Chandler or having already lost out on a bidding war -- in other words, don't make your vote boil down to a "Butler vs. Chandler" debate. I think every sane person realizes that Chandler is the Mavs priority No. 1 once the offseason officially begins.

Vote! Vote! Vote!