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Another Late Game Triple Buries the Mavericks in Los Angeles

The SOPA/PIPA blackout should have occurred on Thursday, rather than the day previous. I would venture to guess that there are many Maverick fans who will be staying far, far away from the internet in the wake of the Mavericks heart-breaking Los Angeles trip.

Last Monday, it was Derek Fisher inserting the dagger into the collective Maverick fanbase. On Wednesday, Chauncey Billups twisted that knife even further, cemented his nickname of "Mr. Big Shot" even further. Jason Terry had taken it upon himself to be the hero, hitting huge two threes to first close the deficit to two, then to give the Mavericks a narrow one point lead. But it was all for naught as Billups inbounded the ball, found room to take a handoff from Blake Griffin, and as most everyone probably knows by now, buried the three.

This is not to say the Mavericks didn't have their chances again the Clippers team playing their third game in three nights. Kidd missed connecting with Marion under the basket for an easy layup with 1:50 left in the 4th, and Mahinmi missed a pair of free throws with fifty-seven seconds remaining. Unfortunate, for sure, because each player had done positive things on the court up to the end of the game.

The Mavericks head to Utah next, trying to avoid a .500 mark that they seemed so distant just a few games ago.

(author's note: bullet point analysis to follow shortly)

  • Hmm. That was depressing. I'm currently listening to Kanye West's Welcome to Heartbreak. It fits pretty well.

  • Seriously, though, the most disappointing thing about this loss is not being able to take advantage of the fatigue of the Clippers missing an injured Chris Paul. With as packed as schedule as the Mavericks have, there will be games where they just have no energy and put forth no effort. Those are games that are going to be lost. But when the Mavs go up again a team that isn't rested, and they are rested, they must take advantage.
  • Dirk missed shootaround due to an illness, and certainly did not have the greatest game, scoring just 17 points on 18 shots. The one positive was to see a few of his threes go through, after a 19% mark for the season.
  • Odom played 25 minutes and was practically invisible with just five points. On the offensive end, he seems very unwilling to drive the ball in a half court set. It's frustrated to know how skilled he is at putting the ball on the floor and creating, yet all he does is take a few dribbles and pull up a step inside the three point line.
  • Mo Williams barely missed a shot. That was awesome.
  • It was good to see Delonte West knock down some triples, too. He was another Maverick whose percentage was in the teens despite a career average of 37%. In fact, West was an offensive machine in the early goings, helping the Mavs survive the onslaught of made shots by Billups and Mo.
  • He also got knocked to the ground at least a half dozen times, and never once was a Clipper whistled for anything.
  • One fundamental play I have to mention: Roddy initiates the pick and roll with Mahinmi at the top of the key. Mahinmi rolls, but Roddy is not able to pass to him, so Ian runs to the basket and plants himself there. Beaubois swings the ball to the wing, who passes it into Mahinmi, who is now established with great post position. He converts with short hook off the glass. Great fundamental play by the Frenchmen on that play.