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GAME THREAD: Dallas Mavericks at Phoenix Suns

WHO: The Phoenix Suns host the Dallas Mavericks

WHAT: Hopefully nothing as stressful as last night..

WHERE: US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ

WHEN: 8:00pm CT

HOW: FSSW | League Pass

THE STORY: Nobody wants a game as tense as the Spurs game last night. The Suns are without Steve Nash tonight, which is all well and good since Dallas still wont have Jason Kidd. Fortunately, Rodrigue Beaubois has stepped up valiantly in his place, as has Delonte West. The Mavs may be tired tonight, but since the Suns haven't beaten the Mavericks since 2010, the odds are stacked in our favor. Then again, if Dirk Nowitzki keeps playing the way he's playing, well, let's just leave that one alone. Stop by, but don't stare too long at, the Bright Side of the Sun. Also check out the Q&A I did earlier today for their preview!