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Delonte's Twitter Eruption Is Talk Of The Day

As reported here Delonte West started a rant last night after the Mavericks 96-81 win over the New Orleans Hornets. I originally wanted to sum up events, but Matt Moore gets you covered at PBT. It's still unclear whether the general disappointment about not being able to go to the White House with the Champs or some recent and, in his opinion, inappropriate questions about off-court stuff fueled his twitter-rant. Ben Rogers & Jeff "Skin" Wade, who run a show on weekdays on 103.3 ESPN Radio, were mentioned in this context, but Skin doubted this morning on twitter that the events have anything to do with him or Ben Rogers:!/SkinWade/status/156048284807479298

Meanwhile Brian Windhorst, who covered Delonte during his time in Cleveland, is now writing for ESPN's Heat Index and was one victim of Delonte's eruption, also defended himself on twitter:!/WindhorstESPN/status/156032132970594304

Funnily enough one of Delonte's main objectives last night was to tell people to judge him by his on-court performance rather than off-court issues and yet people have already started making excuses for his behavior because of his bipolar disease. It's a vicious circle I guess.

Take away what you want from the incident, but I for myself sympathized with the guy even more. You can feel his disappointment of not being able to meet with the President and that personal failures but also a streak of bad luck disrupted his life.

Right now he is working hard on and off the court to get things done and that's the only thing that should matter. I'm glad we have him here. As a basketball player and personality.