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Dallas and Cents: 10/10/12

News and notes for Wednesday, October 10th. Don't worry, no D-Will commentary here

Joern Pollex - Bongarts/Getty Images

The Mavs are done with the European leg of their tour. They should be landing at some point today in Bangor, Maine(and is it me or does "Bangor" sound like it should be in Egypt or something, not Maine?). Hopefully now they come home and just shut up and play the hits.

  • How long did it take for the first quasi-"the sky is falling" article? Two games, thanks to ESPN Dallas's Tim McMahon. "Poochie", as those charming scamps at Lone Star Ball call him, states the obvious in that the Dallas Mavericks did not play particularly well without their German teammate, one Dirk Werner Nowitzki. However, I would submit to you that unlike the last two years, when Dallas was clearly completely overmatched without Dirk on the floor, this year's team might actually have enough offensive weapons to weather his absence. Or, at least, y'know...we can wait longer than two preseason games to figure it out.
  • J-Bowe's game recap, in case you missed it or are too lazy to look around. Worth noting is that O.J Mayo hit as many field goals as I did. I'll have to go back and take a second look at why, but it seems that after Mayo had a pretty good first half of Saturday's preseason game, he's had six pretty bad quarters in a row since. I said that I thought Mayo could play a role and be a system guy, not just a gunner for hire, but perhaps he hasn't yet received the memo on that one.
  • The scarier stuff comes from Eddie Sefko, who has some vaguely terrifying quotes from Dirk about possibly "doing something soon" for his knee, which means surgery. Sefko claims that Dirk's knee issue this training camp is "in the same ballpark" as last year's. At least this year, Dallas has a full training camp and preseason to work through dings like these, and Dirk does say that his legs are much stronger this time around, thanks to his offseason regiment. Still, for people like me who were hoping for a bit of a comeback year for His Dirkness, the discussion is unsettling.
  • Dwain Price writes Dallas is just "being cautious", with the regular season closing in, and that there's nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about...
  • Dallas is 33-1 odds to win it all this season. I don't know about you guys, but I might take those 500-1 Charlotte Bobcats.
  • Delonte West is tweeting, and the world is noticing.
  • Jason Terry, who I know doesn't play in Dallas anymore but I just can't quit him, is asking fans for autographs.
  • Aaron McGuire at Gothic Ginobili breaks down the matrix's well-aged defense, and hilarious shooting motion.
And that's it.