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Friday Poll: How Much Does Dirk's Knee Worry You?

Every Friday on Mavs Moneyball, there's a Mavericks-revelant poll question. This week's edition checks the Dallas fanbase to see how they are feeling about Dirk's injury

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Last week, it was clear that I'm running out of ideas for poll questions. Thankfully, the season is almost here. The comments basically turned it into an off-topic thread, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

This week, there's a much more serious issue at hand. Everyone has heard by now that Dirk is still have trouble with his knee. Last year, it bugged him most of the season, more at some parts than others. At 34-years old, nagging knee injuries are much more worrisome than they might have been at a younger age.

With that said, Dirk has always been a quick healer, and doesn't miss a lot of games. Even if he does get surgery, recover can take place in as little as a month. He might miss a couple weeks, but nothing significant.

What's your take? Obviously, no one is happy about, but how much does Dirk's knee worry you with the season fast approaching?