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Dirk has knee drained, surgery still not imminent

Dirk has knee drained, practices

Joern Pollex - Bongarts/Getty Images

The interesting news today was not that Dirk had his knee drained, then practiced--though that was interesting--but that it's the second time he's done it in recent weeks. So when was the first time? If his knee just swelled up a few days ago, before the Spain game, did he have it drained twice after that? Probably not, right?

Obviously, the Mavericks are trying to avoid surgery, and they seem optimistic that they can--otherwise it would have already happened. Still, the odds are pretty good that this weekend is the so-called red line. Surgery in the near future means the Mavericks get to play with Dirk most of the season, surgery at an uncertain time---well, you never know when an uncertain time is going to be, do you? That's why it has that adjective. Nice job, reading.

More on this story as it happens, or better yet, doesn't happen.