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Dirk to rest knee, try to avoid surgery

Dirk's knee is swollen, but he will not at this point be addressing it with surgery

Joern Pollex - Bongarts/Getty Images

Dirk Nowitzki announced in a post-game press-conference that his knee swelled somewhat less "this time" than the last two times and he has hopes of being able to heal it with rest. Of the many things strange about this story, tops has to be that Rick Carlisle was not allowed to break that news.

Given that Dirk did not play in this game, and given how hush hush the team was about what he'd say in the press conference, it seemed like the news would be, at least, more dramatic.

It's obvious Dirk is committed to avoiding surgery. It would otherwise seem more than ominous, towards that end, that Dirk has experienced swelling after a week of practice, without playing in any games--that he's had his knee drained twice already this season and has had it swell up on him again already--hardly seems like good news. It's certain that the team would take care of its most important asset--but also that, after all they've put Dirk through, it's likely enough this was Dirk's call.

We'll see if he's right, but it's certainly a gamble--each day a surgery doesn't happen is a day closer to the season, a day closer to 5 weeks of recovery time being a huge amount of games. Then again, no surgery at all is obviously much better, if effective.

Stay tuned.