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Dallas and Cents 10-16-2012

Daily Mavs Links

Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
  • Tim MacMahon, sharing my general opinion on Dirk's knee. Obviously, love the toughness, would love no surgery, but a 3-6 week recovery sounds fine from here, terrible two months from now. The only problem with Tim's article is that, where he suggests the Mavs would be on the way to the lottery if Dirk misses significant time, we all know they'd trade that pick for 3 2nd-rounders.
  • More MacMahon on Mayo's big night--obviously the best he's looked in a Mavs uniform. Bonus footage of Dirk eating an apple.
  • Here's an article about what the Mavs have going for them, including the point that on Day 17 of training camp last year, the season had already started.
  • Some good photos from Mavs-Rockets
  • This is what I'm listening to today
  • Good Mavericks to you, sir or madame.