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Phoenix edges Dallas, 100-94

Dallas receives second loss of preseason at hands of the Phoenix Suns

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

The Phoenix Suns defeated the Dallas Mavericks 100-94 tonight at the American Airlines Center, 100-94.

On the strength of a dominant third quarter, the Suns pulled ahead of the sloppy Mavericks tonight, who were once again without star forward Dirk Nowitzki.

21 Dallas turnovers proved to be the telling number, as it was the second game this preseason Dallas has turned the ball over more than 20 times. Dallas was led by Chris Kaman, who scored 16 points, and also saw strong performances from Vince Carter, 15, and O.J Mayo, 14, but it wasn't enough, as Phoenix took advantage of careless play(though they committed 19 turnovers themselves), by beating Dallas in transition and controlling the glass.

Darren Collison endured his toughest outing as a Mav, and was benched at one point after one of many ill-advised passes. Brandan Wright also had a disappointing night, missing several short-range shots that seemed to just barely go in and out. I think it's fair to say it just wasn't his night.

Jae Crowder had just half his point total from the previous game, but once again made his presence felt, as he was all over the court, and especially stood out as a defensive playmaker. What was even more encouraging is how well he meshes his game to meet the lineup he's playing with. He checked in early on and played in deference to the veterans next to him, but late in the 4th when Carlisle decided to let the "youngins" manage on their own, Crowder took a more active role, making several tough one-on-one shots, much like the still-sidelined Dirkness.

Dallas will get two days to rest and figure out how to fix things before taking on the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta.