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Friday Poll: How Many Minutes Will Jae Crowder Play This Year?

The dynamic Jae Crowder has more than impressed since being drafted with the 34th pick, but how will he factor into a busy Dallas rotation coached by the veteran-loving Rick Carlisle?


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Today's question is about Mr. Jae Crowder. Since arriving with the Mavericks, he's had an "Most Interesting Man in the World" vibe. What isn't likeable about the kid? Hard-working and hustling, able to handle and shoot the ball, tenacious defense while crashing the boards, and charismatic personality that has everyone loving him. Seriously, everybody. Even Allen Iverson, and we all know how he feels about hard-work.

But this isn't Blue's Clues -- there's gotta be some conflict. This time, the bad guy presents itself in the horrible Rick Carlisle, who often has the nerve to play a proven veteran over a raw rookie. So, as in every story of good vs. evil, we know Crowder will eventually win, but we don't know how long the writers are going to draw the story out.

Okay, I'm done with my dumb analogy shit. This isn't really about Carlisle -- every coach prefers to go with veterans over young guys. How many minutes is Crowder going to earn? He's going to be a really good player, but how good will be he this year? Occasional spark off the bench? Bottom of the rotation? Sixth man? Tell me what you think.