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Dirk's scope "Routine," faster return possible

The Dallas Mavericks' medical team says that Dirk's knee scope was routine and without complications. They're hopeful he'll be back faster than six weeks.

Get right. SOON.
Get right. SOON.

Tim MacMahon with the breaking story about Dirk's knee.

As exciting as this sounds, there's really NOT much to see here. The recovery from this surgery is 3-6 weeks, there was no reason for them to claim six weeks (as we noted here), now they're saying because it was routine it could be three. Once again, recovery is, was, will be three weeks to six weeks. Rex quondam et futursque.

THAT BEING SAID, we are very glad to hear that Dirk's knee surgery was "routine". He's always been a quick healer, and while it's still going to take just as long as it does, it certainly isn't unheard of for these things to turn out to be bigger deals, rather than smaller.

Here's to a quick return not just to health, but to dominance.