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Dirk Nowitzki talks to the media, lets everyone know it's going to be OK

The injured Dirk Nowitzki finally spoke with the media on Tuesday and gave everyone plenty of reason to chill out and remain calm.


Come on, folks. We've been saying this for weeks: Dirk Nowitzki's injury and surgery was unfortunate, but not the end of the world.

Dirk pretty much confirmed that during a 15-minute press conference at the AAC early this afternoon. Here's the play-by-play by the always dapper Earl K. Sneed from

So that's it. Nothing much to learn here, except that the surgery hasn't affected Dirk's ability to talk. Oh, and he needs some new suits.

But really, this is just a relief to have Dirk come out and say everything we've been thinking: he'll be fine and ready to go within three to six weeks. It could be three, it could be six. Dirk will just have to wait and see when the swelling from the surgery goes down. Once that happens, it seems it'll take Dirk two weeks to get back in the game.