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West talks to ESPN Dallas, unsure of why he's suspended

Suspended Mavericks guard Delonte West gave a brief quote to Tim MacMahon and ESPN Dallas this morning, offering up a little more insight into why he was suspended indefinitely for the second time in a short period.

Here's what West had to say:

"There was an argument between two teammates in the locker room last night that didn't involve me," said West, who had two points, one assist and three turnovers in 21 minutes against the Thunder. "Somehow I'm being blamed for it. I had nothing to do with it. I don't know what's going on."

There are no reports about what the argument was about or who the teammates were. When West was previously suspended after the Rockets game, it was believed that West caused a stir in the locker room over playing time and usage. It was supposedly cleared up pretty quickly between Rick Carlisle and Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson.

There's no telling how long this suspension will last or what West's future is in Dallas. Earl K. Sneed of has some comments from Vince Carter about the situation:

Stay tuned for more updates as the Mavericks wrap up practice this afternoon.