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Mavs/Bobcats post game video and quotes

The Mavericks faced off against the Bobcats in the final game of the preseason. Eddy Curry debuted for the Mavericks, and I was able to get video of him and Carlisle. Take a look!


The quote of most importance, from Jae Crowder: "I'm good. I'll be fine."

Just two videos today. With an off day tomorrow, everyone wanted to get the hell out of the arena and it showed. It was all I could do to get Curry.

With that said, here's Eddy.

A few highlights-

(on his cardio after playing 25 minutes) "The first couple minutes were a little bit tough for me, but I started to calm down."

(on whether he was nervous) "A little bit, a little bit. New situation...tough situation for anyone to be in, to be starting. Eventually, this is something I've been doing a long time, so it's was just like riding a bike."

(on filling in for the injured big men) "Just do my part when called upon to be very productive for this team."

(when asked about Curry) "I thought he did okay. He's a really good offensive player around the basket, defensively there's some things we have to work with him on. Pick and roll defense, staying back in the zone. He did some good things."

(when asked to talk about the production from the backup guards) "I could..." (will you?) "...if there was anything. Our guard position struggled tonight, we just gotta stay at it."

(when asked about Collison) "Collison was terrific. He has been at times completely out of control. Tonight, he was completely under control. Made jump stops, really smart passes, and just found the basket too. I thought his handle of the game was really good, too."