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Dallas and Cents: 10/3/12

What's going on out there?

Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

On the third day of October my RSS feed gave to me:

  • There were some cuts yesterday, as mentioned at MMB, those being Tu Holloway and D.J Mbenga. Both are expected to land with the Texas Legends. Speaking of the Legends, there was an interesting Insider article from financial guru Larry Coon on the idea of expanding the D-league into a full-blown minor league system. Apparently the Legends are completely unique among D-League teams in that they are owned by the team(or Donnie Nelson, specifically), and also are the direct affiliate of said team. Food for thought.
  • Eddie Sefko likes the defense new Mav Dahntay Jones brings. The tidbit mentioned here worth repeating is one we've seen a few times now, about Rick Carlisle using a full court press. This is where all these young athletic guards are going to pay dividends. Being able to run Collison, Mayo, Beaubois, West and Dahntay out there to wreak havoc is a trick Carlisle didn't have up his sleeve last year, with an aging backcourt of Kidd, Terry and Carter. Is the full court press the new zone for Dallas?
  • Chris Kaman is taking his time returning from an injured back. A lower back sprain, to be exact, shouldn't keep him out too long, and isn't considered serious, but given the time he's spent in the trainer's room the last few years, monitoring Kaman's health deserves extra attention.
  • Speaking of Kaman, he makes the list of the Wages of Wins blog's most damaging offensive players. Oh, great. Wait, wait, there's more...oh, most damaging offensive players to their own teams. Well that doesn't sound too good. Also on the WoW blog from last week was this article I missed on where teams predominantly get top 20 players from. The answer, as you might expect, is free agency trades Mark Cuban's wallet the draft.
  • This might sound familiar: "Roddy Beaubois needs to have a breakout year"
  • Dirk Nowitzki, who is apparently in far better shape than last year(this is pretty much the only news I care about), sheds some insight into his view on what kind of team Dallas can be. The short version is that he doesn't know.
  • Delonte West might have an endorsement from a hamburger stand. Thank god we didn't lose this guy.
  • Adam Morrison, if he doesn't make the Blazers, might retire, presumably so he can chase Lisa unfettered. And coach.
And that's it.