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Dallas & Cents: Mavs Links 10/4/12

FRESH LINKS, hot off the presses.

Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
  • The Dallas Mavericks, as we all know, are set to take on Alba Berlin on their NBA Europe Live tour (sounds like a band, no?). Derek Ayala of Rant Sports thinks this will be a good opportunity not only to play together but to grow together as teammates.
  • Dwain Price is pretty sure that this game in Germany WONT be a repeat of the Dream Team signing autographs for their opponents. According to Dirk Nowitzki,these guys aren't scared of the Mavericks.
  • According to Eddie Sefko, Rick Carlisle is speaking highly of guard Dominique Jones. DoJo has been spending time at both the 1 and the 2 in training camp, which will only give him more opportunities to see playing time this season.
  • Lots and lots of pictures of Dirk that follow his progression from the lankiest young European basketball player you've ever seen... to the lankiest - old - basketball player you've ever seen.
  • Here's Part Two of BG's one-on-one interview with the big German. (sorry there's a lot of Dirk crap today). If you haven't already seen part one, check it out.