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Friday Poll: Do You Like Seeing the Mavericks Play In Europe?

The Mavericks play in Germany on Saturday, then travel to Spain for a Tuesday game. What do you think?

Alexandra Beier - Bongarts/Getty Images

The Mavs play a basketball game tomorrow.

Let that sink in.

Obviously, the 2 pm game against Alba Berlin is great for the Maverick fans, but you have to think, does it effect the players at all? Last year, a lockout shortened training camp resulted in plenty of players being out of shape. The Mavericks have much more time this year, but is traveling to Europe too big a distraction? Cuban seems to think it might be, and was not really given a choice about the matter by David Stern. Do you side with Cuban, that it's just a distraction? Or do you think feel as if it is worthwhile venture?

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