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Mavs sign FA F Troy Murphy to a one-year deal

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that, making a move to shore up a frontline that was decimated by the length of the Jazz frontcourt, the Mavericks have signed FA forward Troy Murphy, late of Indianapolis. Don't have a lot of details on this yet---presumably Dojo was dropped, or something---but we'll get them. Also, not sure why Murphy wasn't mentioned as a desirable FA this summer.

Murphy had a productive few years as a starter for the Pacers, averaging 14.6 points and 10.2 rebounds as recently as 2010, the last time he got consistent playing time. He spent 2011 between the Nets and the Warriors, and played last year for the Lakers, averaging low numbers in only 14 minutes a game. It's not clear that his fall off the map was occasioned by any specific event, or injury, so there's some reason to be optimistic about his ability to contribute to the Mavericks.

The 6' 11" Murphy also adds to the Mavs' stable of bigs with range, with a lifetime 39% three-point shooting percentage.

More on this story as it breaks.