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GAME THREAD: Minnesota Timberwolves at Dallas Mavericks

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Two teams racked with injuries try to play through the pain.

No Chase? What's the point.
No Chase? What's the point.
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Minnesota Timberwolves

WHAT: B-Team All-Stars

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 7:30pm CT


THE STORY: Chase Budinger, Brandon Roy and Jose Barea are all hurt, and Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio have yet to see the court tonight. If we thought OUR problems were bad... Well things aren't exactly hunky dory over in Mavsland. Shawn Marion is still out, no signs of when Dirk Nowitzki will return, we lost to the Bobcats for the first time ever, and our pets' HEADS are falling off. Take a trip to Canis Hoopus for the other side of the story.