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Dirk Nowitzki is upset about sitting out but he hasn't had any setbacks

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Nowitzki spoke on the Fox Sports Southwest telecast of the Minnesota game on Monday night and explained his frustrations with rehab...but just to be clear he has had NO SETBACKS.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

In the last 24 hours, I've had a handful of people text me that they are worried about Dirk Nowitzki's rehab.

I was a little surprised till I saw all the stories. Folks, there's nothing wrong with our big, efficient German. He's just going through the norms of a routine knee surgery.

Unfortunately people have read headlines such as "Dirk Nowitzki not recovering quickly" and "Dirk Nowitzki says rehab is taking longer than he hoped" and have immediately thought the worst.

Taking time to look at what Dirk actually said, you realize there haven't been any setbacks. Dirk is simply mad that he's not a super-human cyborg like we all think of him to be and wanted to be back on the court after two weeks:

"Gotta admit, I'm already getting tired of rehab," Nowitzki said on Fox Sports Southwest's telecast, during the second quarter of tonight's game against Minnesota. "It's been three weeks. Obviously, that's a lot of time for me watching.

"At this point, gotta stay patient and do what the doctors and trainers tell me. Just keep rehabbing and see how long it is.

"When I originally heard three-to-six weeks, in my mind I'm thinking ‘in two weeks I'm back.' But unfortunately, this is not how it happens. My first knee surgery of my career and unfortunately this stuff takes longer than we expected.

"So I've gotta be patient, do the smart thing and keep working."

Nowitzki said he recently started running in the pool, in addition to riding a stationary bike. He said "we'll probably introduce a little more next week," but did not specify what work that might be.

Nowitzki said the most difficult part has been learning to be patient and follow doctor's orders.

"I just want to be out there. To me, the recovery is not as quick as I was expecting. Had some down days, so I'm working on being in a good mood and still firing the guys up and being there every day, working out and working hard on some other stuff."

Dirk's surgery pegged him to be out three to six weeks. Not two. That would be insane and ridiculous. If Dirk returned in six weeks, that would be the end of November, early December. So it's not like he's taking longer than he should. He's right where he needs to be. He's running, he's riding a bike, he's doing things that involve moving his knee, so it's not like he's laying in bed trapped with a gigantic wrap around his knee.

I understand Dirk's injury is a little more sensitive than perhaps any other Mavs player. It's Dirk. We love him and without him, the Dallas Mavericks aren't that good at basketball. But let's also remember that reading just the headline of a story means you haven't read the story at all.

Keep calm and carry on. Dirk is still rehabbing, he's had no setbacks and everything is going to be OK. This Mavericks season is going to induce a lot of stress on you. No sense in creating some that shouldn't exist at all.