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Dallas and Cents: 11/3/12

Dallas Mavericks news and notes for Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

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Happy weekend, all. This weekend should be better than the last one. Why? Because this weekend has basketball! Dallas looks to get back over .500 tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats, but there are other happenings involving the Mavs today:

  • Gametime is 7:30 central; 8:30 eastern. Be sure to check out the terrific previews from newest MMB scribe Kirk Henderson. Believe it or not, the Bobcats won a game last night, and here's the proof in case you don't believe me, so no matter what the records said last year, Dallas won't get the "W" for simply showing up. They have to actually play the game.
  • Dallas may get a big lift from center Chris Kaman, who hopes to make his regular season debut tonight after participating in a full practice for the first time Friday. However, Kaman, was measured in his statements(for once): "If it's not something I'm able to do, then I won't do it."
  • Still no word on whether or not Roddy Beaubois will play, after injuring his ankle in practice yesterday. Amazing how one practice can see the healthy return of one guy and meanwhile injure another. Forget the "Free Roddy B" movement and how critical it is for his career as a Mav to remain healthy. Beyond that, this team really needs a backup point guard, and for better or worse Beaubois is practically the only capable applicant for that role on the roster.
  • Speaking of the roster, and continuing the "add one, subtract one" theme: for those that didn't know, Troy Murphy has been officially added, and Eddy Curry waived. My quick take on Murphy: floor-spacing big who I doubt can contribute much else anymore. Injuries and heavy mileage have really slowed him, and his rebounding and defensive numbers for the last couple of years were hideous. Anyone expecting him to be the team's savior on the glass after the brutal display against the Jazz shouldn't hold their breath. Also, apparently, last year he was seen working out a few times at my gym. You were probably dying to hear that tidbit, I know.
  • Mark Cuban is donating $1 million to the Sandy relief effort.
  • Cuban on whether or not Dallas should take a step back before taking one forward. In short, Cuban is not one to compromise.
  • Don't read this. DON'T READ THIS.
  • James Harden boxscore watch: 45 points yesterday. To any who thought he would regress without Durant and Westbrook on the floor with him, or who thought Houston may be in order. Now this kid is in our division.
And that's it.