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Mavs Moneyball Staff Reactions to the Derek Fisher Signing, Part 2

The folks here at MMB talk to one another via email, pretty much all day long. When things like the DFish signing happen, things tend to get... well... interesting on our listserv. What follows is a sampling.

Does Roddy have to go?
Does Roddy have to go?
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Alan Smithee: All summer we heard how much younger and more athletic this team would be, and yet at the first speedbump the young guys (except Mayo) are buried on the bench in favor of veteran retreads. You replace the two Jasons with 25 year olds, and add three rookies, but if your leash was this short, what was the point? Did they plan ahead poorly or just change their minds really quickly?

And in two years are we going to be talking the same way about Cunningham we are now about Roddy and DoJo? Again, maybe the initial plan (relying on them as backups) was lousy, but the contingency plan (Fisher) isn't any better. Much like the Curry and Murphy signings, I struggle to see how these were the optimal choices. Carlisle isn't looking for the 12th man; the guys Dallas has brought off the street have been throw right in there for 20 minutes a night.

That all being said, I am curious to see who gets the minutes Murphy has vacated.

Josh Bowe: Again, you have a team currently headed nowhere. If you aren't going to play your young guys, then TRADE THEM. This team has had four years to look at Roddy. If he isn't getting 15-20 minutes a night by now, then you trade him. Don't waste these assets. I'm sure Toronto could be convinced to part with Calderon if the Mavs gave them either Jones/Roddy and throw in one of our young bigs. This team isn't in a position to let young, talented players sit on the bench.

Also, the defense/rebounding obviously isn't getting better with Wright on the bench. How about you plug in one of your most efficient big men and at least try to outscore some teams? It'd make sense if the guys ahead of Wright were helping with defense and rebounding, but it's still as bad as it was when Wright was playing.

Kirk Henderson: I think you're assuming a lot in the trade options. Dallas has tried to get rid of Dojo. Granted, playing him may have helped his stock rise from an F- to a D but if they can send flotsam out into the world, more power to them. But not a lot of teams have the space right now. Wright has to learn to not try and block every shot. It's why his rebounding sucks. He's always out of position because he jumps so high and then the play is over. BUT he still needs to play more. 20 minutes a game.

AndyTobo: Why would Toronto give up 10 mil in salary relief next year, a good player this year, for shitty bench players? And how would we even match that salary if they would? Dojo-Roddy and Wright are like 4 million dollars combined. Even with Vince Carter, that'd be 7, even with Carter and Brand that'd be like 9 million.

I don't think there's as many things the Mavs can do as you guys think there are.

Alan Smithee: I think Wright goes in any significant trade. Really, he should, because he's not a great fit here in Dallas. I think a team that doesn't play him out of position can benefit from the things he can do well. Score efficiently, block shots, run the floor. You just need to play him next to a bruiser.

Josh Bowe: God, he'd be perfect next to Anderson Verajo....

Alan Smithee: "Why would Toronto give up 10 mil in salary relief next year, a good player this year, for shitty bench players?" They were practically trying to give him away in the offseason.

And Wright + Roddy + Joneses works according to trade machine.

AndyTobo: Yeah, I mean, I can see why they would want to give him up BEFORE the season but this is the last year of his contract. They get salary relief from him after the season regardless now. Roddy, Wright, Joneses does work, barely. If they want to leave 2.5 mil of salary relief on the table.

Alan Smithee: What team is going to take on his high salary, one year deal and give back something that substantial? Dallas is the perfect situation for him. A club that has space, views themselves as a playoff contender, and desperately needs a PG.

Toronto gets to look at a group of young guys, including a former top 10 pick, and see if anyone is worth keeping around. That seems better than losing Calderon for nothing, a player they have clearly shown an interest in trading. Roddy's stock may be at an all time low and DoJo's might never have been much to begin with, but objectively I think Wright would be desired.

What's the difference exactly between trading Calderon in August and trading him now?

Also, in Toronto you have Dwayne Casey, who could be the one coach in the NBA that might actually think Roddy just needs a change of scenery. Or, at least, Casey has familiarity with the Mavs that could help facilitate some sort of trade.