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Need more Maverick basketball in your life?

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Of course you do! A potentially pointless op-ed about basketball, the Dallas Mavericks, and Twitter

Ronald Martinez

Depending on how often you visit this site you may recall that I initially got into basketball writing from Twitter. I'd been a fan of the Mavericks for years, just like you. But, I needed an outlet that wasn't Facebook, because people were tired of me posting 35 things a game and clogging their Newsfeeds (back when that worked). So, Twitter made sense. One hundred and forty characters was perfect for me getting mad at a terrible Jason Terry shot. I could post thoughts and see what various athletes and famous people had to say about stuff. Seemed fun!

Once I got there though, I found there were hundreds (more like thousands) of people just like me... they wanted to talk about basketball, read about basketball, think about basketball, and do so in a way that was similar to message boards, but had much more immediacy and much less "Count Da Ringzzz". I saw that there were a number of ESPN, Yahoo, and SBNation writers and bloggers who had twitter accounts and who often engaged with fans about all sorts of topics. They linked to stories they and their peers wrote, video casts and podcasts, and often tweeted about what was going on in their personal lives. It felt like being part of a community because twitter is basically a huge chat room where you get to choose what you see.

I became really addicted. I followed both fans and writers, since the variety of opinions was so fantastic. And, if I found someone boring or insulting, I simply unfollowed and moved on. I tweeted, I read, I learned. I became a better basketball fan. Not just of the Mavericks, though I did that too, but of basketball in general. I know we have a great deal of people who visit the site during games for the Game Thread sections; twitter is like that only all the time. While we're on the subject, if you are a person who reads but doesn't want to sign up and talk with us here on MMB, give it a second thought! We love interaction with other fans.

The current state of sports fandom allows you access to as much or as little information as you desire. A shocking amount of people choose to stay ignorant about basic things in sports, which is why sentences like "Watch the games!" in relation to statistical debates are so infuriating. Twitter has become a very important data aggregator in my life; every week I read stories and listen to podcasts that I otherwise would not have sought out on my own.

Where am I going with this? Well, I want you to join Twitter. Many of you who read this might already do so, but I'm going to guess that many of you look at it as another waste of time. Facebook used to be interesting, but with so many changes and issues with privacy, I look at it as an online phone book in case I need to get in touch with a peer. Twitter though, has become part of my life. If I'm not on it every few days, I start to wonder what I've missed.

So if you don't use it, ask a friend who does. If you have it, but don't use it, give it a second look. Here are the twitter names of your MMB Staff. If you want recommendations on who else to follow, let me know!

LJ, our wonderful Managing Editor - @LJRotter

Editor Tim Cato - @Tim_Cato

Editor Andrew Tobolowski - @AndyTobo

Editor Alan Smith - @SmitheeMMB

Editor Josh Bowe - @Boweman55

Peon Kirk Henderson - @KirkSeriousFace

If you prefer to stick with facebook, please LIKE our page here. Since the update there haven't been as many updates due to linking issues, but it's getting addressed!