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Derek Fisher requests to be waived, Mavericks call up Chris Douglas-Roberts from Frisco

As Marc Stein of ESPN has reported, Fisher and the Mavericks agreed to part ways, and Dallas will be calling Douglas-Roberts up from the D-League where he's been making an impact.

Down and holding on to his knee...
Down and holding on to his knee...
Ronald Martinez

What is it with former Lakers players getting homesick?

As reported by Marc Stein of ESPN, Derek Fisher, aged point guard, requested to be released by the Mavericks and was granted his request. Below is an excerpt from Stein's article:

In a statement he issued Saturday night to confirm the move, Fisher said: "In Tuesday's game against Philadelphia, I suffered an injury to my patellar tendon. The recovery time will be approximately two weeks. With this news and the difficulty I have been having being away from my family, I have asked the organization to waive me so I can return home."

In his place, the Mavericks will bring up current D-League star Chris Douglas-Roberts, who has been impressing fans on the Texas Legends this season. Douglas-Roberts will play in tonight's Legends game in Frisco and then fly to meet the team in San Antonio tomorrow.

Stay tuned as this develops.