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Weird season gets weirder: Fisher out, CDR in

In the latest chapter of the carousel roster for the Dallas Mavericks, the Derek Fisher experience has concluded, and an already strange season takes a new turn.

Scott Boehm

So, Delonte West: Kicked out.

Eddy Curry: Let go.

Troy Murphy: Shown the door.

Derek Fisher: Got out while he still could?

It's been a bizarre, twisty-turny season for Dallas, who have scrambled like mad ants to put together a team good enough to stay afloat without their star player, forward Dirk Nowitzki. Now, the latest change to the media guide will have veteran mentor stopgap Derek Fisher's name replaced with Chris Douglas-Roberts.

What this means:

  • The point guard position just got thinner, obviously. The "effective if frustrating" play of Dominique Jones is well-timed, and given the relative dissatisfaction Carlisle has shown towards Darren Collison, it's possible that he gets a longer look as the starter. How exactly I should react to that I don't know.
  • Chris Douglas-Roberts was tearing up the D-League, and has NBA experience, including 52 starts in three years with the Nets and Bucks where close to 10 points a game his second season. He is a pretty average player, but he's still a player.
  • Maybe somewhat notable, but unsurprising, is that Jared Cunningham was not called up. Cunningham had his most efficient scoring night yesterday for the Legends, but he is definitely still working through a few things.
  • Obviously, some of the issues that have contributed to this madness are beyond even the smartest GM's ability to predict, but the number of seemingly random, sudden roster moves, combined with the fact that these guys get fairly significant minutes right away, implies, at least to me as an outsider, a lack of foresight or proper planning. If you had told me Dallas, 25 games in, would be starting DoJo at point, Dahntay Jones at small forward and Shawn Marion at power forward, I would have thought something must have gone horribly, horribly wrong.
  • Timing here really hurt the team, too, certainly. Dallas didn't draft an NBA-ready point guard, perhaps because they thought free agency would take care of this spot, and the D-Will and J-Kidd mishaps hurt. Then, the Delonte West divorce came at a point when most of the attractive point guard options had already found homes. And somewhere in Russia Alan Smithee-favorite Nick Calathes is ballin', but let's not rehash that.
  • I don't mean to pick on the kid, but this move is also going to highlight the failure of Roddy Beaubois to develop under the Mavericks' tutelage. With Darren Collison falling out of favor and the veterans West and Fisher gone, Dallas is now in a position of having to rely, maybe a lot, on consistent play from Dominique Jones. If and when a trade for a point guard happens, maybe we can stop worrying about the point(and start worrying more about center), but until then, there's a high-potential for a bumpy ride.