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Video Quoteboard: Post-Game from Mavericks-Spurs, 12/23/12

Dirk Nowitzki played in a game for the first time this season, but unfortunately, the Mavericks fell in humiliating fashion against the Spurs, 129-91. The post-game locker room expressed the disappointment and frustration surrounding the team after their sixth loss in seven games.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Dirk Nowitzki

On his decision to return: "I figured I wasn't going to get any more explosive, so I thought I'd give it a go.... Before the game, I felt decent, so I gave it a good and I actually felt good out there. The wind [stamina] was okay, my legs were a little heavy there but [I thought I] played through it okay."

On the team's recent losses: "It's a tough stretch right now, as tough a stretch as you'll see in this league. It helps, me getting out there as soon as I can."

Rick Carlisle

On the loss: "A lack of competitiveness, selfishness, and a lack of commitment to one another."

On practicing tomorrow: "We’re going lace ‘em up early tomorrow morning and go back at it. I'd love to give them two days off but that ain't happening. It ain't happening."

Whether it's disappointing: "It's all disappointing. I've got to work harder at turning these guys into a team."

On what went wrong: "“If you look at the stat sheet I think you can find pretty much everything. It was dribble penetration, it was giving up 3s, it was not getting loose balls, it was failure to make any hard, physical plays."

Shawn Marion

On the 48 point loss: "It was a plain, old-fashioned ass whooping."

Whether the Spurs 48 points better: "Fuck no."

Darren Collison

On Carlisle accusation of selfish play: "Coach is coach. I could see his viewpoint; if he sees that, we got to make sure there is no selfish play. If we continue to play selfish, we're not going to be able to win games like this. I think we have the personal to get this right. We're relatively new with each other, but we can all bring this together and make this right."

On adjusting to Dirk's playing again: "It will take us a little while to get back playing with Dirk, but I'm glad he's back. We definitely need him. He brings so much more than his scoring -- his humility to the team, his unselfishness."