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Newest Maverick Chris Douglas-Roberts is a profound guy

CDR was called up from the Texas Legends when veteran Derek Fisher left the team. He's been quietly working his ass off.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Not every professional basketball player takes the same road to the NBA. Some never even make it and instead earn their living playing overseas. Chris Douglas-Roberts played high school and college ball, was drafted into the NBA, left to play overseas during the lock-out, came back and spent less than a month with the Lakers. Currently he's playing his heart out for the Dallas Mavericks.

In a personal and engaging account, Douglas-Roberts went to Tumblr to share what he learned from the last few years. The main thing to take away? This is a kid who loves the game of basketball, and isn't going to take one minute of his career for granted.

An excerpt:

I made up in my mind that I was going to be the best player in the D-League. Vowed not to take a day off. I was on a mission. The first game I scored 50 points. I wanted to dominate the competition. I wanted to erase all doubts. Every game I wanted to destroy the competition. Every game I came in with a killer mindset. I played 10 games in the D-League with that singular focus and just like that, I was back where I belonged. I signed with the Dallas Mavericks three days ago. I'm so proud to be a part of Mavs nation.

Do yourself a favor and read the rest of Douglas-Roberts' post.