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Jared Cunningham recalled; are larger changes coming?

The Dallas Mavericks recalled Jared Cunningham from the Texas Legends Monday, as the Mavs prepare for a two games in two nights roadtrip against the Wizards and Heat.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

1st round pick Jared Cunningham has been recalled from the D-League, as Dallas prepares for a two-game road trip to start 2013.

Cunningham had played 7 games for the Texas Legends, and was averaging 18.1 points per game, and 3 assists per game. Much as he did in college, "J-Flight" was getting to the line frequently down in Frisco, averaging 9 attempts from the charity stripe a night.

This comes after word arrived that Rick Carlisle had instituted a dress code policy for team flights, and is expected to enforce other rules as well. As you may have noticed in the link, Eddie Sefko titled his piece "Changes are coming, starting with Jared Cunningham getting recalled." Then, from Mike Fisher, comes this nugget:

The organization is on the verge of preparing to make Rick the teacher ...
I think we might be underrating him in this department because he's presently playing the role of badass ...
He might be about ready to have to adjust.

Followed up by David Lord, also of

Fish is implying the Mavs MIGHT be close to somewhat abandoning any real playoff chase for 2012-13 season. There wouldn't actually be a formal public declaration, and probably not a private one either, but the way RC works with the team would shift if/when they made such a decision.

That possible shift in approach is derived from's analysis of their playoff chances, with the assumption that they can see what we can see.....But - VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE - they aren't yet conceding a thing or shifting gears, at least not to our knowledge.

So, two different sportswriters, Sefko and Fisher, implying that larger changes might be coming in the wake of a six game losing streak that has pushed Dallas farther out of the playoff race than they have been in over a decade.

I'm sure there will be much more to say on all this later.