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Dirk Nowitzki to make road trip with the team

He's not ready to play yet, but his traveling is a positive sign.

We're waiting too, buddy.
We're waiting too, buddy.
Ronald Martinez

Eddie Sefko (among other Mavs media) has reported that Dirk Nowitzki will be traveling to Los Angeles with the team as they take on the Clippers, followed by the Suns and Rockets. He is still not quite ready to play yet, but according to Sefko,

this can be construed as a positive sign that his workload is increasing

Mavericks fans were hopeful that the Big German would do his magical healing thing when we found out he was going to have arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. He is, in fact, right on schedule for a normal human being, however, so we shouldn't be discouraged. Personally, I'd rather him take his sweet time and come back at 100% so that he is best equipped to carry the franchise on his shoulders once more. No reason to rush.

For the rest of Sefko's article (which is really just a brief news release), go here.