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GAME THREAD: Dallas Mavericks at Phoenix Suns

Did you watch the game last night? You'll forgive the site if we're a bit grumpy.

How am I the team anchor? Seriously.
How am I the team anchor? Seriously.
Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

WHO: The Phoenix Suns host the Dallas Mavericks

WHAT: NOT Lob City

WHERE: US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ

WHEN: 9:30pm CT


THE STORY: BUH last night's Clippers game is one we'd like to forget. Not just because they were in it until they totally weren't, but because Dallas gave LA its own personal highlight reel. Dunkfest 2k12. Call it what you will. It's hard to call the Suns 'lowly' these days because they really aren't doing much worse that the Mavericks. They went 1-5 on their road trip, prompting the organization to offer a Satisfaction Guaranteed night. That's right, if fans aren't satisfied tonight, regardless of outcome, they get their money back. That's bold. So yeah. Don't turn the ball over, blah blah blah. Visit Bright Side of the Sun and whatnot.