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Wednesday Evening Quick Notes: Rodrique Beaubois, Jason Terry Out for a Few Games

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Two things just broke in the Mavericks pregame meeting with head coach Rick Carlise, so instead of two FanShots, I figured putting this front and center, because they're pretty noteworthy:

  • Mike Fisher from has reported that Rodrigue Beaubois' father has passed away. No current word on what exactly happened, but this is tragic. Thoughts and prayers to Beaubois, who has had an up and down season and this news is just heartbreaking for the young kid. I can't imagine there's any way Beaubois can play tonight and possibly the next three or four games for that matter. Which is an even bigger deal because...
  • Jason Terry is now confirmed out for tonight's game and Friday's against Philadelphia. Terry is missing tonight's game because of a right quad strain. Interestingly enough, the quad strain isn't labeled as the reason for Terry missing Friday's game, as Carlisle said it's due to personal reasons. Carlisle has said that he hopes for Terry to return to the team for Sunday's game against the Knicks. Dominique Jones will be active tonight and don't be surprised to see him get some burn. Jason Kidd and Vince Carter are the probable backcourt starters with Delonte West running the backup point, and with Terry and Beaoubois out, someone will need to step into some guard minutes. That will be either Jones or West just pulling double duty off the bench while giving Carter more minutes as well.