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Dallas Mavericks defeat the Denver Nuggets 102-84, move to 19-11

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The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Denver Nuggets 102-84, the game wasn’t actually that close, Shawn Marion guarded Ty Lawson, scored 16, grabbed 10 rebounds, dished 6 dimes, had a +/- of 29 and cured a leprous baby.

Not of the leprosy though, kid had a cold. Shawn can’t do everything.

This was a classic good news bad news game. The good news is, in the middle of the Mavs toughest stretch of the season , despite certain difficulties, they’re on a five game winning streak and absolutely demolished the Nuggets tonight.

The bad news is that Delonte West broke/dislocated a finger, causing Vince Carter to totally flip out, in a game the Jet was already missing with a slight injury, and Roddy was missing due to the untimely death of his father, and Brandan Wright and Ian Mahimni were both seen rubbing their legs at certain points and Dirk’s shot is once again still off. And Dom Jones was 0-6, and it felt like it.

Tonight, we don’t have to worry about the bad news. This was a thrashing from nearly the beginning. The Nuggets are missing some important pieces too, but as Rick says, this is a no sympathy win. They wouldn’t have felt bad beating us either.

Perhaps most importantly, Kidd re-found his three-point shot, splashing 4-6 for his highest point total of the season (13). And he turned it over 0 times! 0! It’s almost enough to make you glad for his second injury. The time between the injuries was not neat.

The Mavericks face a tough test on Friday, against a young 76ers team, then get to check out Linsanity first hand, then to Boston, then to LA, then they get to relax bit.

They can’t afford any more health issues, true. But. We’ve been saying all along that this stretch, with Utah, San Antonio, OKC, Denver, Minnesota, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Philly, Knicks, Boston and LA would make or break the season, and would be when we’d find out whether this team could really hack it. DESPITE the health issues, despite the fact that it hasn’t often been pretty, the Mavs have taken care of business, and this is the toughest stretch of the season till the playoffs. They’re now 19-11.

Not bad, eh?

See you Friday.