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Friday Morning Links: Brandan Wright is Awesome

  • Dwain Price from the Star-Telegram tells us what most of us already know: Brandan Wright is awesome. He's super duper. Don't be surprised if Wright pulls down a season-high in minutes tonight. With Spencer Hawes out till the All-Star break it seems, the 76ers don't have too many big bodies to clog the paint. Thaddeus Young and Elton Brand will pull a lot of minutes, and Wright could match up very well with.
  • Jeff Caplan from ESPN Dallas has Dirk Nowitzki's comments on going to Germany for some preseason games next year. As you can imagine, Dirk is pretty happy about it.
  • Caplan also brings up something I completely forgot about – Domonique Jones and Jeremy Lin played on the same summer team together in 2010. Jones doesn't offer anything insightful about their playing time together, just saying what everyone else has, that the Lin story is nuts and good for him. Sad, I was hoping Jones let Lin sleep on his couch in Las Vegas or something.
  • THE MAVERICKS ARE NO. 1! (In field-goal percentage defense). Actually, this is pretty good. With a lot of regularly used stats getting debunked by pace-adjusted measures, field goal percentage defense is one that's pretty stable across the board. Team's don't shoot a high percentage against the Mavs. And that's good. I don't care how slow or fast a team plays, how many rebounds they give up or how many free throws they allow.