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Kobe Bryant Talked Trash to Dirk Nowitzki During the Lakers Game Last Night

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During the Lakers thrashing of the Portland Trailblazers last night, Kobe Bryant shot the one-legged fadeaway jumper, and drilled it. This is of course, Dirk Nowitkzi's go-to move. After Kobe drilled it and play stopped for a moment, he decided to go to the TNT announcers and have a little fun. Check out the video below:

Pretty funny, Kobe. What a jokester this guy is. First he said he had no idea who Jeremy Lin is, now this. For my money, Kobe and Louis C.K. are the funniest people in the universe right now.

And I know Kobe is just talking some friendly trash, nothing serious. He just slightly trolling. No worries. But, I can't resist.

So, yours is sexier Kobe? Was it sexier when Dallas swept your team in the 2011 playoffs? Was it sexier even though Dirk shot 12-of-20 (60 pecent) from the midrange area in the series against your Lakers in that 4-0 sweep? Is it still sexier despite the fact that you're shooting about 45 percent from midrange this year, which is astronomically high compared to the percentages in the 30s you shot from midrange the previous five years? And Dirk during that same span? Never shot under 46 percent from that range in those five years.

So yeah, Kobe. Your one-legged shot is way sexier than Dirk's.

(Obvious troll is obvious. Direct all "FIVE RINGZ" hate to me in the comments below. I know it's coming, Lakers fans.)

(Hat tip to Ball Don't Lie for the video)