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NBA Midweek Power Rankings: How did you guys get all the way up here?

MMB brings you the second round of NBA Power Rankings this week (Monday) where Zach raises the question how the Dallas Mavericks got up all the way to number five in his rankings? Probably because they've won seven out of their last eight I would say. Here's your overview after a convincing win over the Boston Celtics and before they'll meet the Lakers in the last game before the All-Star Break tonight: - Mark Heisler: 7th

How are they ahead of Lakers with Dirk at Millennium-low numbers? Mavs’ bench is No. 2, averaging 44 points. Lakers are No. 30 at 21, three points behind the No. 29 team. - Zach Harper: 5th

All-Star of the first half: Would it be nuts to give it to Shawn Marion over Dirk Nowitzki for the first half of this season? What’s that? It would? Okay, I’ll give it to Dirk. Dirk wouldn’t be on my All-Star team for this season, but he’s still been the focal point of a very good team, even when he’s not performing up to his usual standards. He’s been on track the last couple weeks and that shooting percentage is starting to climb. Even bad Dirk is better than a lot of big men in this league and he still draws the attention away from his teammates, which gives them a better chance of getting the job done. - Matt Moore: 5th

Dirk's getting it going. The defense is clicking. They're winning. The ship isn't only righted in Dallas. It's up, at full sail and headed right for you.