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There Are Tons of Great Ticket Deals from TiqIQ, RIGHT HERE on MavsMoneyball

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Hey guys. If you follow us on twitter (let's be honest, if you're not following us on twitter you're missing out) you might occasionally see a tweet from time to time that shares some pretty epic ticket deals. The reason this happens is because SBNation has partnered with TiqIQ to bring you ticket sales and trends so you can attend Mavericks games for super low prices.

These guys track ticket trends and give you the opportunity to bid, buy or make an offer so you can get the best possible prices for basketball games. If you've ever glanced up at the menu across the top of MMB, you may have noticed a button that says 'TICKETS'. Click on that. That's where you can find out the best way to get tickets to Mavs games without breaking the bank.

For example. For Tuesday's game versus the Nets: Average ticket price is $41 (coincidence? I think not...) Offer $20 for a '1 star' ticket that would usually retail for over $40 or you can offer $55 for a '2 star' ticket that would retail for over $95.

For the March 3rd game versus the Jazz: Average ticket price $143, but you can get in for only $25.

Here are the ticket trends for the week ahead: