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Jason Kidd Would Back Up Deron Williams, so START THE PARADE

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One thing is for sure, Kidd, who turns 39 in March and said he'd still like to play 20 seasons (two more) which would take him to age 41, is ready to give up the key to his starting job after 18 seasons.

"Oh yes, yes," Kidd said. "If he wants them right now I can give them to him."

Jeff Caplan also says that Kidd would love for Williams to come to Dallas. And seeing how they both have the same agent, and Williams was spotted with the Mavericks during the Finals...well, you see where I'm headed. Williams to Dallas talks have been going on since June of last year, so no surprises here.

The real news here though is Kidd is more than willing to take a lesser role if he were to return to the Mavericks (or head to Brooklyn) on a smaller deal. There was always this elephant in the room about if the Mavericks would just let Kidd go on his merry way after his contract expired this year and then just sign Williams. Kidd might just retire, but letting Kidd come back on a small deal to back up Williams would really be ideal. Kidd wouldn't have to worry about resting or minute limits and the Mavericks would have the greatest back up point guard of all time, backing up one of the top three point guards in the game.

This is of course, just surface level stuff. Tons could happen before free agency even hits. But it's nice to know that Kidd is all in for this idea, understanding where he's at in his career (and I'm sure that ring has helped, too).

PS, how refreshing is it to see Deron Williams wear a Texas Rangers cap all the time? I'm sick of seeing stars in professional sports flock to the other big teams when they decide to watch other leagues. It seems like every athletes' Twitter is just filled with "Go Yankees! Go Lakers! Go Packers! Go Steelers! Go Celtics!" Some do it because wearing a Yankees hat is just so much cooler, which is completely lame (IRONY). So, props to you, Deron Williams. You've become a perennial NBA All-Star and still remember your roots and your hometown teams. I salute you.