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Chuck Off Bandwagon & Other Mavs Buzz For Today

Lots of great reads and intriguing stories today, so here's you catch-up:

  • Jason Kidd feels a lot better, but will at least be out the next two games of the upcoming B2B set against the Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavalier. The Mavs won't play until February, 8th after that and will reevaluate Kidd during that span.
  • Last years bandwagoner Charles Barkley continues to blast the Dallas Mavericks. On 103.3 FM he said the Mavs days in competing for a championship "are over" (oh my... AGAIN?) and that "father time is catching up with Dirk."
    I think I know what he's up to. He tries to anti-jinx the Mavs this year. That's the only possibility. It's one thing to express your (subjective) thoughts, especially when you get paid for it, but he also continues to dish out facts that are blatantly (objectively) wrong. So it has to be a joke, right?
  • In another not-so-astonishing development, the league fined Mavericks owner Marc Cuban and Coach Carlisle a combined 110k for complaining about officiating and kicking the ball.
    Another marvelous job of overprotecting their refs by the way.
  • Rob Mahoney thinks that Dirk's slow start should cost him the All-Star berth. So what? Dirk hasn't been voted a starter when he deserved it was at his best and doesn't need to be there this year at all. Additional rest sounds good to me.
  • Al Harrington has lots of praise for Rick Carlisle and rightfully so.