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Latest Power Rankings: Mavericks Out Of Top 10

Before going into a 3-day period without a game, the Mavericks posted their first 3-game losing streak since starting the season 0-3. Most of the latest Power Rankings have them well outside their Top10 for now. Here's your overview: - David Aldridge: 13th

Diggler struggles to get back in form after taking time off to rehab his knee. - John Schuhmann: 13th

After shooting 11-for-39 in his first three games back, Dirk Nowitzki has shot 21-for-32 in the last two. But the Mavs' offense has still struggled, scoring just 91 points per 100 possessions as they've dropped three straight. Maybe Lamar Odom (shooting 34 percent) could use some time off. - Chris Sheridan: 16th

Like old times: Dirk Nowitzki is scoring again, Mark Cuban is criticizing the refs again, Rick Carlisle is kicking the ball, making inexcusable use of his feet for first time since tripping Latrell Sprewell as he ran upcourt more than a decade ago when Carlisle was an assistant. (No Rick, that hasn’t been forgotten). These guys run almost as hot and cold as the Magic.

NBC - Kurt Helin: 14th

Dirk Nowitzki may finally be finding his footing with a couple good games near the end of the week. Still, this is a hot and cold team that could beat or lose to anyone on any given night. Not consistent like last season.

SBNation - Tom Ziller: 13th

Dirk Nowitzki has looked like a shadow of the version we saw rampage through the playoffs last spring, and Dallas has slipped considerably as a result. But the front office is planning big things for the 2012 offseason, and the glow of the championship trophy is strong. So who cares, right?

ESPN - Marc Stein: 13th

Sandwiched between the bookend highs of an OT triumph over San Antonio and a long-awaited weekend return to normalcy for Dirk is the sobering reality that Roddy B, after a few promising games filling in for ailing J-Kidd, regressed back to his undependable self in the Mavs' sudden three-game skid.

ESPN - John Holinger's Metric: 14th - Power Ratings: 13th - Efficiency Differential: 11th

MavsMoneyball - j0Shi's Schedule Adjusted Efficiencies: 15th